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India is really good to visit. They have really authentic culture yet so majestic. But you should know this 10 things about India.

1. Drink only bottled water
Since India has a really serious problem about sanitation. Don't try to drink public water tap. Even I never have any problem with this case. but other traveler warned me about that, because their friend experience stomachache after drank from the water tap.

2. Street Food is amazing (literally amazing)
I bought a pineapple nearby ChadniChowk (famous traditional market in Delhi). It looks so fresh and delicious. Right after I finished my eat. I saw that he (seller) splash a water into the pineapple with their hand. And what kind of water he gave is make me almost throw it up. He gave a dirty (literally so dirty) water to the pineapple. The water has a brown color. And I guess he use it to clean his hand after do another dirty job. Such as peeled the pineaple or anything else.
When I was in Kolkata, I see the t-shirt that used to wipe the sweat, also use for make a paratta. How disguisting it is. But I tried ones. You should try tho.

3. Learn Bollywood song
Im a big fans of Kareena Kapoor, Rani Mukherjee, Shahrukh Khan and another Bollywood star. So I can sing some Indian Song. And I try to sing it when I meet a new Indian friend. And they were really impress on me. You should learn any Indian Song.

4. KFC with Biryani
I am a big fans of KFC. Everytime I went to abroad, Ill buy a KFC at least one. And every countries has a different companion dish. In Indonesia, they use a white rice. In Abu Dhabi, they use a bread, in Thailand they use a white rice as well, But in India, they use a Biryani rice (Rice with spices). The taste is great, and recomended to try.

5. Dont give anything to children or beggar
India has a big population of homeless. Beggar is even worst. But dont give them money, food or anything, unless you have anything else for their friend. Beggar or children in India will seduce you to give them a money or anithing, but later, they will call their friend to ask anything same that you gave  the first person, And the amount of them is huge. I ever give a candy to a children in Fatekhpur Sikri, A minutes later, dozen of childrens came to me and ask for the candy.

6. Never bring tripod to Taj Mahal
When you visit Taj Mahal. dont bring anithing but camera and a bag. dont bring any tripod, selfie stick or even snack to the site, or you it will be gone. It is restricted to bring tripod, selfie stick or even a piece of paper with a written text on it to Taj Mahal.

7. Try Bajaj
Bajaj is really mad in India, they have no seatbelt, and we make it more mad with 6 people in one bajaj. But it so fun to do something unusual.

8. Indian people not so smelly as Indian people in Indonesia.
I met many Indian people here, and the smell not that terrible. Maybe because of the humidity difference between India and Indonesia.

9. 24 hours ++ on the train
On my trip from Kolkata to Agra, I took an economic train which need more than 24 hours. I have to laid on artificial bed that swing on the train. They call it sleeping class train. Can you imagine, for more than 24 hours I trappped in the really full train, and I must laid on the swing bed, all day long, since there is no empty chair on bottom. or even no space on the floor.

10. Shake head means 'yes'
First day I came to India was flusstering. I thought that they could speak English as well as seen on TV, but not really. And what I really confused about was, How they express 'YES'. They move their head just like we move our head when express "NO'

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